Kimberly Sutton is known for creating sophisticated residential interiors that are the epitome of indulged living. Her goal is to ensure that your home is captivating, comfortable and has clarity; to allow you to live well. She believes in timeless rather than trendy design and works with her clients to ensure that their personalities and lifestyle are woven into their design. 

Her eponymously named firm, Kimberly Sutton Design LLC was founded in 2011 and is based in Manhattan.

As the firm's principal and lead designer, Kimberly is personally involved in every project that the firm undertakes, ensuring a consistently high level of quality. She emphasizes working with strong forms, contrasts and textures to bring ambience and uniqueness into an interior.

Having travelled, lived and worked in numerous cities across Europe and North America, Kimberly brings a global viewpoint to her designs. As a passionate art collector she has developed knowledge and relationships with preeminent showrooms, dealers, auction houses and galleries in New York City and around the world. 

Kimberly has an enviable track record of consistently delivering for her clients. She formerly honed her project management skills working for some of the world's renowned marketing and creative design firms. She holds an interior design degree and is an Allied member of The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).

Since starting her interior business in 2011, Kimberly's projects have included townhouses, apartments, lofts and flats in New York City, Boston, London and Chicago.